Integrated management system


G5 is a company that is permanently concerned with Quality, Health, Safety and the environment.

To seal this commitment, we seek to transform norms and procedures into values. In this context, implementing such values is essential to know not only the work process, but also to understand its dynamics, and each individual who is part of the G5 family.
Working together with employees, aiming to guarantee quality, health, safety and environmental preservation, requires dedication, planning and ethical and political commitment.

Integrated Management System Policy


The G5 performs port operations and land transport, offering logistical solutions in a safe and integrated way.

Respecting working conditions and seeking continuous improvement in the performance of its processes and management system, focusing on the continuous satisfaction of our customers, based on the fundamental principles of protecting the environment, preventing pollution, preventing accidents, injuries and diseases. occupational activities, and control of situations that may harm the environment, the safety and health of the people involved, in line with the legal requirements, ensuring the participation and consultation of employees.
Customer Satisfaction

Continuous Improvement

Injury Prevention and Health Prevention

Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection
Continuing its quality and safety policy,  G5 implemented the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SGSSO) in 2017.

This measure represents the company's effort to offer its employees a work environment where it is possible to identify and control risks to their health and safety, reduce the number of accidents, assist in legislative compliance and improve the company's performance and satisfaction of its employees.
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