World Environment Week

The team at G5 Logística started its campaign to prevent Safety and the environment, giving priority 365 days a year, promoting awareness.
By G5 Logística, São Luís
Updated on 02/06/2021 10:00 am
illustrative photos, shows the campaigns carried out for the world environment week — Photo: G5 Logística
Selective collection is one of the measures adopted by the G5, we have environmental responsibility and seek to exercise a sustainable identity inside and outside the business. However, such responsibility should mainly encompass our team and collaborators.

"This week we intensified our care and precautions taken throughout the year, aiming to remind our employees of the importance of keeping in mind the safety rules, taking care of the environment, always keeping our work environment clean, making all the separation of residual waste etc. Take care of what is ours."
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